Nov 192014

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We live in a 900 square foot house – With a 100 pound dog, two toddlers, and working, gardening, soap making, mechanic working parents. My children spend most days running wild outside, and in! The place sees a lot of action. With one “fully” and one working on potty training there’s a lot of accidents. With an inside/outside big dog there’s a lot of…dog. With a blue collar working Dad, there’s a lot of laundry. This house has a lot of STINK! Cloth diapers, chickens, gardens, bike rides, science experiments and soccer cleats are loads of fun but their funk isn’t. Years ago we made the transition to a more natural, homemade lifestyle. So the removal of stink was made. Mattresses, diaper pails, shoes, dog beds, drapes, area rugs, giant stuffed animals and couches can all benefit! In just a few minutes you can make a batch of spray. Here is our recipe:

3-4oz. white vinegar (For odor neutralizing and bacterial growth inhibitor)

15 drops tea tree – or- thieves essential oil (For anti- microbial anti-bacterial properties)

10 drops lemongrass essential oil (For odor neutralizing properties)

10 drops grapefruit essential oil (Any essential oil would work here. You can add any aromatherapy you would like to your freshening spray!)

Fill with water.

I use a 16 ounce spray bottle. This works very well on mattresses and hard to clean household items. Leaves a lovely aroma that also eliminates odor, rather than covering it.