About Our Nest



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A few years ago I decided to make some changes to my daily consumption of consumer products. Sure there were some staples I didn’t necessarily want to do without, but I found a great number of things I could do without, and mostly make myself. The more I studied and learned I realized I didn’t need the ‘products’ at all. I became really determined to produce as much I could for my household on my own, using the vast majority of local ingredients and products. This shift towards a self produced lifestyle became incredibly liberating. I no longer felt dependent on mass produced, imported products. I had a home that was safe for my family, and that created a rather enjoyable lifestyle.

While this transition to a simple life came with its monotonous chores (ever hung three loads of clothes on the clothesline, during a Florida July?) There were a few things I found I truly enjoyed. Not surpassing my backyard  laying hens, making soap is a real favorite of mine. I purchased soap from a local soap maker, who also taught classes on soap making. After I took her informative class, I started making my own soap. I found with a few weeks use of these medicinal soaps changes certainly took place. Cuts and burns from working around the house and yard healed incredibly fast. Insect bites on the kids never got out of control requiring a midnight trip for Benadryl. Dandruff, dry and oily patches on skin disappeared. Diaper rash on the baby was a thing of the past. So we made a tiny soap shop an addition to our homegrown, backyard lifestyle. Enjoy.

 -Special Thanks-

We would like to give a sincere thanks to Keith Andrews at Geer services for donating his time and talent to build this site, for our mom and pop shop. Its people like this who make family friendly, local products possible.